Our Greens

 (Red Arrow and Hong VIT Radish)

Cowan Farms grows over 2 dozen individual varieties and blends of microgreens, and we are always experimenting with new possibilities. Each of our microgreen varieties has been selected for exceptional taste, texture and color.
Microgreens are newly sprouted herbs, greens and flowers, usually with only their “cotyledon” and first true leaves developed. Baby plants offer a more concentrated source of the healthy active compounds found in mature plants. Plus, our micros can be used right after harvesting in your kitchen, so they retain their extraordinary nutritional value.
Our microgreens are available fresh-growing for the freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious fresh food experience possible.

Flavors tend to be subtle, and range from mild to spicy. Fine chefs and home cooks alike use them as flavorful garnishes on entrees and to add unique tastes and textures to salads and sandwiches.


When you purchase a container of Cowan Farms greens, you are getting hundreds of newly sprouted baby plants, each with the potential to grow into a mature plant. But in the seedling stage, they are nutritionally far superior!

Every plant grows from a seed. Each seed is packed full of highly potent food energy that is passed from the parent plant to provide all the baby plant’s nutritional needs. When a seed sprouts, it activates a powerful enzyme factory. These enzymes jumpstart a chain of chemical reactions that produce an amazing increase in vitamins (C, B, and E in particular), essential fatty acids, fiber, chlorophyll, antioxidants, and enriched minerals. Never again in a plant’s life will it contain such incredible nutrition.

When you eat a tiny mouthful of Cowan Farms greens, you are getting the nutritional punch of several baby plants at once. That is truly a lot of nutrition in every single bite!